Jin was educated at Belvedere College, Dublin City, Ireland and completed an honours BSc. in Education at Seton Hall University, New Jersey, USA. He began painting in 2003 and right from the start he wanted to paint a subject he loved.

His first painting was a silhouette of an open-wheel racecar at dawn. When completed the painting sold within two weeks and this first image now graces his business card.
As a former International 800m athlete and racer, (see below), Jin has helped many sportspeople prepare for competition as a performace specialist. It was in this capacity that he came into close contact with motorsport and race drivers; Sarah Kavanagh being just one (see left).

His involvement in sport has taken him to many countries including South Africa, Malaysia, Singapore, Italy, France and the States, to name a few and this sporting knowledge helps him to see the dramatic in motorsport which comes across in his paintings. His insight into and view of motorsport becomes apparent in the images he paints. Some are unusual views with eye-catching, vivid colours. As the paintings began to sell his confidence grew and he attempted more detailed paintings.

He has since been commissioned to complete paintings from drivers and motorsport companies in Swizerland, France, Italy, Ireland and the UK with many more drivers and team officials getting in touch and making enquiries.

Some future clients may well have to go on a waiting list for his paintings.
Jin in the paddock with EuroBOSS driver,Sarah Kavanagh, one of his athletes.
Jin in the paddock with EuroBOSS driver,Sarah Kavanagh, one of his athletes.
As a family man with four children, he is a self-taught artist with no formal art training. He developed very simple painting techniques to achieve some stunning effects. In such a short period of time he is becoming known for his chosen subject matter.

He also shows his work each summer around St. Stephens Green in Dublin city centre. In the future he hopes to exhibit his paintings in Monaco and Bahrain.
Jin, the athlete
Jin, the athlete
In the future, his goal is to expand the number of corporate commissions he wins especially with large multi-panel canvases to fill warehouse, showroom and other corporate white space. These would be made up from 70 x 90cms canvas panels which, when hung side by side, create an impressive effect. This size of panel also makes transportaion easier.

He has opened a workshop/studio in Rathfarnham Village in Dublin 14 and maybe, in the future as demand for his work increases, he will strive to open a studio in the old part of Nice with a Formula One car as a centre-piece so that patrons or visitors can sit in it and visualise what F1 could be like.
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